Gasboy 70 Series User Manual

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GASBOY Series 70 & 1820


MDE-4423B Series 70 and 1800 Consumer Elect Pumps Installation/Operation/Parts

July 2005

Pump delivers product but will not register.

Is main totalizer recording? If yes, problem is in register assembly. Check to be sure the

lever on the

side of the register is returning back to the record position.

If the main totalizer is not working, the problem is a broken or jammed measuring chamber.

Pump delivery is slow.

Check for dirty strainer.

If pump has a filter, change filter.

An automatic nozzle will reduce flow rate about 25%. Check flow rate without nozzle or with


nozzle. A farm type automatic nozzle (such as Husky 1GS swivel) provides the

best flow.

Check for supply line restriction by testing the pump with a vacuum gauge. If vacuum is


high, there is a restriction.

Pump loses prime.

Inspect check valve poppet and seat for clean mating surfaces.

If after a period of non-use, a pump delivers product initially, followed by air and then full

flow, there is

an air leak in the suction line.

Install pressure gauge between hose and nozzle. Operate pump at full flow. Snap nozzle

closed and

turn off pump. If pressure falls to zero rapidly, replace check valve and clean

and inspect valve seat.

Inaccurate delivery.

Calibrate the meter (See Section 4).

A clock-fast error (more on the register than is delivered) in excess of 2-1/2% is due to air in


suction line or vaporization of gasoline in the pump. Check pump for loss of prime and

suction line for

air leak.

A clock-slow condition may result from: any slowing of the register or measuring chamber due to
excessive friction resistance or

mechanical failure; inadvertent bypassing of the measuring chamber.

Check register for

zero setback; check reset lever return to top of slot in meter cover after setback;

check for

"hang-up" of number wheels in register or gears not meshing.

Pump delivers product when not turned on.

In aboveground storage tank if fluid level is higher than pump, positive head pressure may


product through pump. Install a pressure regulating valve or a solenoid valve in the

supply line to the


Check for defective vacuum breaker.

Vacuum breaker spits product

Clean and replace. If problem persists, install return line kit.

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