Pulser wiring, Conduit – Gasboy 70 Series User Manual

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MDE-4423B Series 70 and 1800 Consumer Elect Pumps Installation/Operation/Parts

July 2005



An optional pulser (available on the Series 1820R only) is used when external monitoring of the
dispensing unit operation is desired. The pulser transmits one electrical signal (pulse) for each
predetermined amount of fuel dispensed. Reed 10:1 pulsers operating with DC voltages are
used. Pulser wiring must be 18AWG and installed in metal conduit separate from all AC wiring. It
cannot share a common junction box, wiring trough or conduit with any AC wiring.


All wiring to the GASBOY pump must be installed in 1/2-inch threaded, rigid, metal
Do not use knockout boxes and flexible conduit.

If equipped with a DC pulser, AC power wires must be installed in a separate conduit from the DC
pulser and the AC power wires and DC pulser wires must not be run in any sort of common
conduit or trough.

All wiring and conduit runs must also conform with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and the
Automotive and Marine Service Station Code (NFPA 30A). All wiring and conduit runs must
conform to local codes.

The conduit layout drawing on the left is for all Series 70 and 1820 rounded cabinet models. The
drawing on the right is for 1820R models. The junction boxes shown below the 1820R are
supplied with the pump.

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