BNC SAM 935 Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System User Manual

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


If you do not have an internal NaI detector, the SAM 935 will prompt you to check the cabling to the exter-
nal detector after it completes the self-test:

After the self-test has run, the SAM 935 will wait 5 minutes and then start up. You can press OK (F2) to
immediately start up. Press W


(F3) to delay startup for another 5 minutes.

At this point, the SAM 935 may require an automatic calibration. If so, a prompt will give you the choice to
begin the quick calibration (F2) or to perform a recalibration from the Utilities menu (F3). See Sections
4.2.1 and 3.2, respectively.

When the SAM 935 is ready for operation, the dose rate monitoring screen will appear:

Example of a self-test with a low battery condition. The
Battery Low message will replace the clock. The SAM
935 will proceed with the auto-start, but you should
recharge as soon as possible.

A self-test example where the batteries need to be
recharged. The SAM 935 will completely shut down
within approximately 15 seconds of the Battery Dead
message appearing.

Example of a self-test where the battery backup for
non-volatile information (including spectra and alarms)
has failed. The SAM 935 should be returned to an autho-
rized service center for battery replacement.

Check the cabling to the external detector and press
OK (F2) if it’s acceptable. If it’s not, you can press
Wait (F3) to delay the auto-start another 5 minutes.