Device-specific notes for the sam 935 – BNC SAM 935 Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System User Manual

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


Device-Specific Notes for the SAM 935

Each spectrum that is uploaded from the SAM 935 has a Spectrum ID, which is displayed in the window
above the spectrum as it is being uploaded. This spectrum ID gives information about the spectrum type
(MCA, BKG, etc.), the acquisition date, and the serial number of the SAM 935 unit which collected the data.

The SAM 935 replays the data in temporal order. As it is doing this, it is updating the calibrations, ROIs,
and other characteristics to reflect the state of the system as it was when the data was originally taken.
This means that the calibration information loaded with each MCA spectrum should reflect the calibrations
that were in place when the spectrum was taken. This can be helpful in reproducing your field analyses
once you return to the office.

The SAM 935 will also preserve all of its spectra until you go to its utilities menu and ask it to clear the
stored spectra. If you need to upload the spectra more than once, or if you determine after uploading the
spectra that you wish to collect more data and upload the augmented set at a later time, you can do this
provided you do not erase the spectra already in the device. However, if you do this, you should be aware
that each time you upload the files, you will get a new set of file names – the old ones will not be overwrit-

The standard SAM 935 can store over 250 spectra, combining all types (MCA, background, and calibra-