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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


Appendix A:


With any of the PGT Quantum™ products comes a copy of the AutoLoad spectrum retrieval program. This
program allows you to upload and store spectra from the SAM 935.

Installing AutoLoad

The AutoLoad program may be installed in either of two ways. If you have already installed your Quantum
MCA software, you may have already installed the AutoLoad program as well. If this is the case, you will
see the AutoLoad icon in the same program group as the rest of your software, and you should not install
the copy shipped with your SAM 935. If you have an older version of one of the Quantum MCA software
products, AutoLoad may not have been included, so that you may have to install AutoLoad from the disk
that came with your SAM 935. In this case, we recommend installing the AutoLoad program in a different
directory. Although we have tried to ensure that installing AutoLoad in the same directory will not cause
problems with your existing software, it is possible that the AutoLoad program will not work correctly under
these circumstances. (Some of the shared support files may be different. AutoLoad will not overwrite
these files, but it may not run if the file version is different.)

If you need to install AutoLoad, simply insert the single floppy (A: or B:, as appropriate) and run the SETUP
program. Under Windows 3.1, this can be done by selecting the

File: Run menu and entering A:\SETUP.

Under Windows 95/98, this can be done by selecting

Run from the Start menu, or by using Add-Remove

Programs on the Control Panel. This installation will create a new program group with two items, one for
the "Hardware Search" program, and one for AutoLoad itself.

Using AutoLoad

Before you start the AutoLoad program, you should run its hardware search program to locate the MCA
devices available for uploads. This process should be described in detail in your Quantum MCA software
manual, so we only provide a brief overview here. If your AutoLoad software was installed in the same
directory as your existing software and you have already run the hardware search program for your exist-
ing software (such as HWSQMCA or HWSQASYR) then you can safely skip this step.

The hardware search program icon is found in the group created during installation. This program
searches your system for supported MCA devices and builds a device table used by the AutoLoad pro-
gram. You must specify which hardware to search for by selecting the appropriate option boxes. When
this program is run, any hardware you wish to use must be online and operating. When the hardware
search runs, a dialog is shown on the screen.

The SAM 935 connects to standard RS-232 COM ports, and you may have up to 4 of these devices con-
nected at any given time. If you do have more than one device connected, be sure that you select the cor-
rect COM ports for the correct devices, or the hardware search will not find your hardware.

Once you have completed and exited from the hardware search process, double-click on the AutoLoad
icon to start the upload program. You will see this main screen: