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Page 59: Set backlight delay time, Print stored spectra, Clear stored spectra

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual



Repeat steps 3 and 4 to change the system time.


Press E


at the time set screen to save your changes and return to the Utilities menu.

The SAM 935 checks the day of the month against the month to prevent improper values from being

6.14 Set Backlight Delay Time

This function sets a delay time for the display backlight. The backlight will turn off if there has been no
activity for the amount of time specified here. To turn the backlight on, press any key. The maximum value
is 600 seconds; zero (0) turns the backlight off.

6.15 Print Stored Spectra

All spectra taken by SAM 935 are saved to memory when the A


key is pressed. The analyses of

these spectra can be printed in the sequence they were taken by selecting this option. The reports gener-
ated will be the same as if the reports had been printed when the spectra were originally taken. If new
background spectra or new calibrations were done in the course of the data taking, the correct
time-ordered sequence will be used.

6.16 Clear Stored Spectra

Stored spectra are held in memory until erased. A warning will be presented to verify that you really wish to
erase the data, since once the spectra have been erased they are no longer available for upload to a host
computer with the AutoLoad software. This utility will erase all spectra, including alarms, background, and
calibration spectra (if they were saved).

A separate utility,

Clear Stored Alarms, will clear only alarms and their associated spectra.

Note that clearing spectra will also clear all alarms.