BNC SAM 935 Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System User Manual

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual



If you do not have an internal NaI detector, the SAM 935 will prompt you to check the cabling to the
detector after it completes the self-test. Check that any cables are properly connected and then
press OK (F2) to start monitoring.

After the self-test has run, the SAM 935 will wait 5 minutes and then start up, ready for operation. You can
also press OK (F2) to immediately begin operation. Press W


(F3) to delay startup for another 5 minutes.

When the SAM 935 is ready for operation, the dose rate monitoring screen will appear:

The dose rate analysis displays isotopes in dose rate units (rather than the confidence levels used by the
Monitor mode). The different modes of operation are explained in Section 5.

An example of SAM 935 dose rate screen as it is actively monitoring isotopes is shown below:

The electronics in the SAM 935 stabilize approximately 10 minutes after power is turned on. However,
tests with NaI detectors indicate that some detectors require as much as 2 hours to fully stabilize, espe-
cially if the detector is cold. Determine how much time is needed for stable operation, and then be consis-
tent in the elapsed time between power-up and when you start calibration.

Check the cabling to the detector and press OK
(F2) if it is acceptable. If it is not, you can press Wait
(F3) to delay the auto-start another 5 minutes.

The dose rate units are recorded in metric
abbreviations of Sievert (Sv) or REMs (R).