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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual


When you have selected all the isotopes you want to print, press E


to send it to the printer.

To print the entire database, press F3.

An example of a Nuclide Database Printout can be found on page 62.


Edit Calibration Standards

Calibration standard definitions are stored in a database in the SAM 935’s non-volatile RAM. For each
standard, the SAM 935 stores a name (up to 19 characters), a standard calibration date and time, and up
to three isotopes. Each isotope is selected from the library and has associated with it an activity that is dis-
played in the currently selected system units for activity. There is a maximum of 128 isotopes in the library.
The lines to be used for each isotope are taken from the radiations database. Only lines that are “enabled”
are used. When your SAM 935 arrives, there will be a number of standards in the database. These stan-
dards were used at the factory to calibrate the system. If you are adding a new calibration standard, it
should have at least five lines spread over the energy range of interest.

The firmware has room for 20 standards with 5 isotopes per standard.

6.6.1 Adding a Standard

To add a standard to the library press the A


key. The words standard name will appear at the top of the

list of standards. This can then be edited with the E


key. Note that when you first access a field you have

to use the D


(F3) key to erase the existing information that is highlighted.

6.6.2 Deleting a Standard

To delete a standard, select it in the list and press the D


key. Exercise care, as there is no second

chance to avoid erasing the standard once the D


key is pressed.

To delete an isotope from a standard, select the standard from the menu and press Enter four times until
you see the Edit Isotopes screen (see next section). Use the arrow keys to select an isotope and press



6.6.3 Editing a Standard

To edit a standard:


Edit the standard name.


Edit the standard calibration date and press E


. This is the date the activity of the standard was

calibrated. Next, edit the standard calibration time and press E




Next, a list of three possible isotopes will be displayed.