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Page 60: Clear all data and reset

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual

6.17 Switch to Remote

The SAM 935 can be connected to a remote computer through a standard RS-232 COM port. Several ana-
lytical software packages are available from your sales representative, in addition to the AutoLoad soft-
ware described in Appendix A.

To allow the remote computer to control the system, it must be placed in remote mode with this option. The
SAM 935 will remain in remote mode until the E


(F1) key is pressed on the unit’s keyboard. The remote

function is available on the F4 function key from the Utilities menu


6.18 Clear ALL Data and Reset

All system data is stored in battery-backed-up memory. In the event of a problem that corrupts this mem-
ory, it may become necessary to return the memory to its initialized condition. This utility performs a com-
plete initialization of memory, forcing all settings to return to the factory defaults.

After you do a memory reset, the SAM 935 will prompt you to select the detector type before it performs its
self-test and starts up:

Because all stored information is erased, a complete recalibra-
tion will be necessary after a memory reset. See Section 3.2
for instructions. If you cannot perform a fine energy calibration,
you can manually enter the quadratic coefficients via the


ysis Tools Setup option in the Utilities menu. You will also
need to re-enter the dose rate calibration value; see Section
6.1.5 for instructions.

Warning: All calibrations, alarms, spectra, and any database changes or additions will be
lost. Using this function is a last resort that should not be done without contacting technical
support at the factory..