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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual

4.2.1 Quick Calibration Adjustment

After the self-test, the SAM 935 may prompt you to run a quick calibration adjustment before going to the
dose rate monitoring screen:


Press the A


(F3) button.


You will be prompted to place the Cs137 standard in the detector. (Point the right front corner of
the SAM 935 at the standard.)


After the SAM 935 has finished its coarse calibration, it will beep twice and give you the opportu-
nity to take a background spectrum:

Calibration required means this is the first time the
SAM 935 has been powered up, or some important
setting changed that requires calibration. Note that
your two choices are to perform the calibration adjust-
ment (F3) or to enter the Utilities menu to adjust the
instrument settings (F2).


OR -

The calibration recommended prompt appears when
a calibration has not been performed in over a week.
Note that your two choices are to perform the calibra-
tion adjustment (F3) or to continue to monitoring
mode without performing the calibration (F2). If you
choose to skip the calibration, the monitoring results
may not be reliable.

Press F2 to immediately begin the coarse adjust-
ment, or wait for the 15-second countdown to

The spectrum will bed displayed on screen as it
resolves. When the coarse calibration is com-
plete, the S


(F4) function key will appear.

If you do nothing, the SAM 935 will skip the back-
ground reading and enter its monitoring mode after
a preset 15-second delay.

Press Wait (F3) to restart the 15-second delay if
you need more time to remove the source.