11 set serial speed, 12 set report title string, 13 set system clock—date and time – BNC SAM 935 Portable Gamma Spectroscopy System User Manual

Page 58: Set serial speed, Set report title string, Set system clock—date and time

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual

6.11 Set Serial Speed

This utility allows you to select from a number of possible RS232 transmission speeds for your SAM 935
unit. Be sure that the setting you select is compatible with the printer or computer you have connected to
the serial port, and that you have selected the same setting for that device.

6.12 Set Report Title String

Each report printed by the system has a 36-character title printed at the top. This function uses the stan-
dard text editing screen to allow you to enter a title string of up to 36 characters.

6.13 Set System Clock—Date and Time

The system clock is set at the factory and should be correct when your unit arrives if you are in the Eastern
time zone. If the system time needs to be changed:


Go to the Utilities menu and select

Set System Clock:


You will first see the date displayed on screen. If you only need to edit the time, press E


at this

date set screen to go to the time set screen:


Edit one field at a time. To move to the next character, use N


(F2) or press the

arrow key. To

move to the previous character, use P


(F1) or the

arrow key.


When the value you wish to change is highlighted, increase the value using the I


(F3) key or


Decrease the value with the D


(F4) key or



Press E


to save any changes you made to the date and to go to the time set screen:

Select the speed that matches your printer or com-
puter, and press