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Page 51: Configure alarm hardware, Clear stored alarms, Edit isotopes

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SAM 935™ Instruction Manual



It will take approximately 1-3 minutes to finish, at which time the display will show you the new
dose rate calibration value. Record this number for future reference.

6.1.6 Configure Alarm Hardware

This utility allows you to enable and disable the keyboard beep, the internal alarm’s audio beep, and the
flashing visual alarm. Press F2 to enable or disable the currently highlighted item.


Clear Stored Alarms

This utility will clear the memory of all stored alarms and their associated spectra. Stored alarms are held in
memory until erased or until the stored alarms approach memory capacity, in which case, the earliest
alarms will be discarded to make room for the most recent alarms being stored. If you see the Memory Full
message, you can download the stored alarms to a remote computer, if desired, and then

erase the stored

alarms with this utility.

Follow the on-screen prompts to clear the SAM 935 memory of all stored alarms.

Another utility,

Clear Stored Spectra, will erase ALL spectra, including alarms, background, and calibration

spectra (if they were saved).


Edit Isotopes

The isotopes database contains information on more than 80 isotopes. The information consists of nuclide
name, half-life in common units, units identifier, and enabled flag. The limit is 128 isotopes, so there is
room for you to add any special isotopes needed that are not in the database. The Edit Isotopes utility
allows users to add new isotopes, enable or disable isotopes, or edit an isotope’s data. The first screen of
the Edit Isotopes utility is shown below. Press R


to go back to the Utilities menu. To select an iso-

tope or search for an isotope, use the


keys. Only isotopes that are enabled are used by the software in

Manual MCA analyses.