Cutting-edge camera technologies, Creative recording modes and settings, Wireless lan supported – Sony PMW-F3K User Manual

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output. This feature is effective when you create
digital masters using digital processing.

Cutting-edge Camera Technologies

Super 35-mm type “Exmor”


CMOS sensor

The PMW-F3K/F3L is equipped with a newly
developed Super 35 “Exmor” CMOS sensor,
which delivers excellent picture performance
with full HD resolution.

PL lens mount with hot shoes
The camcorder is equipped with hot shoes for the


/i Intelligent Electronic Lens System in

addition to the dedicated lenses supplied with the
PMW-F3K. When a lens with corresponding
characteristics is mounted, information regarding
the lens, such as the type, serial number, iris
setting, and focus position, may be available for
on-screen displays and metadata recording.

Focus-assistance functions
Functions for easy and precise focus adjustments
are provided.
• Expanded Focus
• Peaking

Creative Recording Modes and Settings

23.98P native recording
The PMW-F3K/F3L camcorder, a new member
of Sony’s legendary CineAlta


family, though

compact offers native 23.98P recording

Slow & Quick Motion function
The PMW-F3K/F3L offers a Slow & Quick
Motion function, commonly known as
overcranking and undercranking in film shooting,
which enables you to create unique ‘looks’ or
special effects of slow- and fast-motion images.

Slow Shutter function
The PMW-F3K/F3L offers a Slow Shutter
function for capturing clear images in low-light

Selectable gamma curves
The PMW-F3K/F3L provides various types of
gamma identical to those of other CineAlta

Interval Recording function
The PMW-F3K/F3L offers an Interval Recording
function that intermittently records signals at pre-
determined intervals. This is convenient for

shooting over long periods of time and also when
creating pictures with special effects of extremely
quick motion.

Frame Recording function
Frame Recording is a unique feature of the PMW-
F3K/F3L camcorder that is especially useful for
clay-animation shooting. With this function,
images for pre-determined frame are recorded
each time the record button is pressed.

Shutter-angle settings
In addition to the electric shutter speed controls,
the PMW-F3K/F3L also has a “shutter angle”
control, which is familiar to cinematographers.

Picture Profile feature
The Picture Profile feature allows the camera
operator to easily call up customized picture-
tonal settings to suit particular shooting

Picture Cache function
The unit can utilize its internal memory to store
the image being captured, allowing recording to
commence a certain time (15 seconds at
maximum) in advance of when the recording
button is pressed.

Planning Metadata function
The PMW-F3K/F3L can load planning metadata
prepared by a computer and shoot with the clip
names and shot marks specified in the planning

Wireless LAN supported

The PMW-F3K/F3L can be connected to a
computer via a wireless LAN (Wi-Fi connection)
when the CBK-RGB01 RGB and S-LOG Output
Option (not supplied) is installed and the CBK-
WA01 Wi-Fi Adapter is connected to the Option
A Wi-Fi connection allows you to transfer
planning metadata from a computer to the
camcorder, and to transfer clips and other files
from the camcorder to a computer. You can also
use the Live Logging function to transfer
metadata to a computer or receive them from a
computer during shooting.

A variety of functions and designs for
high operability

• Depth-of-field indicator
• Brightness-level display

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