Sony PMW-F3K User Manual

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Basic Operation Procedure




See“Deleting Clips Collectively” on page 79.

To specify a clip to be deleted, use the thumbnail

See“Deleting Clips” on page 96.

Clip (recording data)
When you stop recording, video, audio and
subsidiary data from the start to end of the
recording are recorded as a single clip on an
SxS memory card.

Clip name
For each clip recorded with this camcorder, a
clip name is automatically generated according
to the method selected with “Auto Naming”
(page 127) under “Clip” of the OTHERS menu.
The default setting of “Auto Naming” is “Plan,”
with which a clip name defined in planning
metadata is applied.
Change the “Auto Naming” setting to “Title” to
apply a clip name composed of 4 to 46
alphanumerics and 4 numerics.

Example: ABCD0001

The block of 4 to 46 alphanumerics can be
specified as desired using “Clip” of the
OTHERS menu before you start recording. (It
cannot be changed after recording.)
The value of the 4 numerics is automatically
counted up in sequence.

Notes on Clips
The XDCAM EX-series products limit the
maximum file size of an HD clip to 4GB and
that of an SD clip to 2GB. If you continue
recording for an extended period, recorded
materials may be segmented into multiple files,
depending on the file size (the maximum
number of partitions is 99). The camcorder
regards continuous recording as one clip even if
it has been segmented into multiple files.
A long clip can be recorded crossing over two
memory cards in slot A and B.
When you copy clips to a hard disk drive, etc.
using a computer, it is recommended to use the
dedicated application software on the supplied


If copying is done using Explorer (Windows)
or Finder (MAC), the continuity and
relationships of recorded materials may not be

Maximum duration of a clip
In HD mode, a clip can be 24 hours long at
maximum. If a clip exceeds 24 hours, it is
automatically divided.

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