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The PMW-F3K/F3L is a highly compact and
high-performance digital cinema camcorder that
uses SxS


memory cards as its recording

medium. It employs a Super-35mm-equivalent
single-plate CMOS sensor as the imaging device.
With the exclusive PL mount adapter, various PL-
mount lenses can be used.
The Dual-Link connectors enable Dual-Link
output of 1080/50P or 1080/59.94P signals.

Multiple-format recording

The PMW-F3K/F3L camcorder offers a wide
array of recording formats for multiple content
creation applications. In addition to HD video of
1080 or 720 effective scan lines, the camcorder
can also record and play back in DVCAM-
compatible mode.
Switching between Progressive and Interlace and
between NTSC and PAL are also possible,
permitting you to use various formats for your
SxS memory cards can simultaneously hold
multiple files of any of these recording formats,
allowing for flexible use of the memory cards.

HD Recording System

Nonlinear recording media
Using SxS memory cards, the PMW-F3K/F3L
offers nonlinear capabilities such as instant
random access and file-based operation.

HD recording using the “MPEG-2 Long GOP”
The PMW-F3K/F3L records 1920

× 1080 HD

images using “MPEG-2 Long GOP” codec
compression. This mature “MPEG-2 Long GOP”
codec, which is also adopted in the XDCAM


HD and HDV


1080i series of products, enables

you to record stunning-quality HD video and
audio with long recording time by efficiently
compressing the data.

Selectable bit rates
The PMW-F3K/F3L offers a choice of bit rates:
either 35 Mbps (HQ mode) or 25 Mbps (SP
mode), depending on the desired picture quality
and recording time.

Dual-Link output function
Signals of 1080/50P or 1080/59.94P fed from the
HD SDI A/B (Dual-Link) connectors can be
recorded on an external device.

Long recording time
By utilizing an efficient compression format, the
PMW-F3K/F3L records high-quality HD images
for long recording time of approx. 200 minutes in
HQ mode (35 Mbps VBR) or approx. 280
minutes in SP mode (25 Mbps CBR) on a single
64-GB SxS memory card. Equipped with two SxS
memory card slots, the PMW-F3K/F3L makes
transition seamless without any frame loss, when
recording is done across two cards.

High-quality uncompressed audio recording
In addition to HD video recording, the PMW-
F3K/F3L can record and play back high-quality,
two-channel 16-bit, 48-kHz linear PCM
uncompressed audio.

IT friendly
The file-based recording in MP4 format allows
material to be handled with great flexibility in an
IT-based environment, easily available for
copying, transferring, sharing, and archiving.

Instant-access thumbnail display with “Expand”
Each time a recording is started and stopped on
the camcorder, the video and audio signals are
recorded as one clip.
Furthermore, thumbnails are automatically
generated for each clip as a visual reference,
allowing the operator to cue-up to a desired scene
simply by guiding the cursor to a thumbnail. For
further convenience, the ‘Expand’ function
allows one selected clip in the Thumbnail display
to be divided into 12 equal time intervals, each
with its own thumbnail identifier. This is useful if
you wish to quickly search for a particular scene
within a lengthy clip.

S-LOG gamma and MLUT (Monitor Look Up
Table) usable
The PMW-F3K/F3L can use S-LOG (Sony Log)
gamma and MLUT when the CBK-RGB01 RGB
and S-LOG Output Option (not supplied) is
installed and RGB444 is selected for Dual-Link



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