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Handling SxS Memory Cards







The available time for recording with the current
video format (recording bit rate) is calculated
according to the remaining space of each card and
displayed in time units of minutes.
The remaining can also be checked in a meter
format on the BATTERY/MEDIA status screen
(page 105).



icon appears if the memory card is write-


Replacing an SxS memory card

• If the available time on two cards in total

becomes less than 5 minutes, a message “Media
Near Full,” flashing of the tally lamps, and a
beep sound will warn you. Replace the cards
with those with sufficient space.

• If you continue recording until the total

remaining time reaches zero, the message
changes to “Media Full,” and recording stops.


Approximately 600 clips can be recorded on one
SxS memory card at maximum.
If the number of recorded clips reaches the limit,
the remaining time indication becomes “0,” and
the message “Media Full” is displayed.

If an error occurs with data in a memory card for
some reason, the card must be restored.
If an SxS memory card that needs to be restored
is loaded, a message that prompts you to execute
a restore operation is displayed on the LCD
monitor/viewfinder screen.

To restore a card

Select “Execute” by turning the jog dial
then press the dial.

The restore operation begins.
During restoration, the in-progress message and
status bar (%) are displayed, and the access lamp
is lit in red.

When restoration is completed, the completion
message is displayed for three seconds.

If restoration fails
• A write-protected SxS memory card or one on

which an error occurred cannot be restored. For
such a card, a warning message is displayed.
Release the write protection or replace the card,
as per the instructions in the message.

• An SxS memory card on which an error

occurred may become usable again through
repeated formatting.

• In some cases, only parts of clips cannot be

restored. Playback of the restored clips becomes
possible again.

• The following operation may restore an SxS

memory card for which the message “Could not
Restore Some Clips” is repeatedly displayed
each time you try the restoration process:


Copy necessary clips to another SxS memory
card, using the copy function (page 95) of the
camcorder or the dedicated application
software (supplied) (page 137).


Format the problem SxS memory card, using
the format function of this camcorder.


Return the necessary clips to the SxS
memory card by copy operation.

Recording/playback during restoration
You can perform recording or playback using the
SxS memory card in the other card slot while
restoration is in progress.


For restoration of media recorded with this unit,
be sure to use this unit. Media recorded with a
device other than this unit or with another unit of
different version (even of the same model) may
not be restored using this unit.

Restoring an SxS Memory Card




A: 25min
B: 50min


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