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Displaying the Markers and Zebra Patterns




When the aspect marker is on, the safety zone
marker shows the effective area within the aspect

Displaying the center marker

Set “Center Marker” to “On” to insert the center
marker into the screen area.

Displaying the aspect marker

Set “Aspect Marker” to “Line” or “Mask” to
insert the aspect marker into the screen area.
Line: To show as white lines
Mask: To display by lowering the video signal

level of areas outside the marker range

You can select the ratio of the aspect marker from
among 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, 15:9, 1.66:1, 1.85:1,
2.35:1, and 2.4:1 with “Aspect Select.”

When you set “Aspect Marker” to “Mask,” you
can also change the brightness of images outside
the aspect marker with “Aspect Mask.” It can be
selected in the range of 0% to 90% (10% steps).


No aspect marker is displayed when a video
format of EC (Edge Crop) is selected in SD mode.

Displaying the guide frame lines

Set “Guide Frame” to “On” to insert the guide
frame lines into the screen area.

A zebra pattern(s) can be inserted to the picture
on the LCD monitor/viewfinder screen to check
the appropriate luminance level.

TCG 00:00:00:00

120min STBY

Example: 95%

TCG 00:00:00:00

120min STBY

Example: 4:3

TCG 00:00:00:00

120min STBY

Displaying the Zebra Patterns

TCG 00:00:00:00

120min STBY

Factory-set zebras

2 (100%)

1 (70%)

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