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Adjusting the LCD Monitor and Viewfinder







You can adjust the angle and the display
conditions of the LCD monitor for the best view
in various shooting situations.
These adjustments of the LCD monitor have no
effect on pictures being recorded.

Turning on/off the LCD monitor

The LCD monitor turns on when it is opened and
turns off when it is closed.

Adjusting the angle

Rotate the opened LCD monitor to the desired

It can be rotated as much as 180 degrees in the
direction facing the subject and as much as 90
degrees in the opposite direction.
When you rotate it exceeding 135 degrees toward
the subject, the image on the monitor becomes
upside down, indicating the mirror image of the

subject. The display direction of the textual
information is converted to the readable direction.

Adjusting the backlight

Turning the backlight on/off
The backlight may not be necessary for viewing
images on the LCD monitor under bright ambient
light, such as in an outdoor location. Set the LCD
B.LIGHT switch to OFF to turn off the backlight.

Adjusting the brightness of the backlight
When you set the LCD B.LIGHT switch to ON,
you can adjust the brightness of the backlight,
using the LCD BRIGHT + and – buttons.
Press the – button to darken the backlight. Press
the + button to make it brighter.
During adjustment, the backlight level bar
appears to indicate the adjustment value.

Adjusting the color, contrast, and

Using the menu
The color, contrast, and brightness of the LCD
monitor can be adjusted with the LCD/VF SET

Adjusting the LCD
Monitor and Viewfinder

Adjusting the LCD Monitor

Press the tab to the right to unlock.



LCD B.LIGHT switch



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