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About i.LINK








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This section explains the specifications and
features of i.LINK.

What is i.LINK?

i.LINK is a digital serial interface designed to
integrate devices equipped with i.LINK
connectors. i.LINK allows your device to:
• Perform two-way transmission and reception of

data such as digital audio and digital video

• Control other i.LINK devices.
• Easily connect multiple devices with a single

i.LINK cable.

Your i.LINK device is capable of connecting to a
wide range of digital AV devices for data transfer
and other operations.
Other advantages include the following feature.
When connected to multiple i.LINK devices,
your i.LINK device can perform data transfer and
other operations not only with the directly
connected devices but also with any of the
devices that are connected to those devices.
Therefore, you do not need to be concerned with
device connection order.
However, depending on the features and
specifications of the connected devices, you may
need to use certain functions differently, and you
may not be able to transfer data or perform certain

i.LINK, a nickname for IEEE 1394 proposed by
Sony, is a trademark supported by many
companies worldwide.
IEEE 1394 is an international standard defined by
IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers, Inc.


The camcorder can be connected to one device
with the i.LINK cable (DV cable). When you
connect with a device that has two or more
i.LINK connectors, refer to the operating
instructions supplied with the connected device.

About data transfer speed of i.LINK

i.LINK defines a maximum data transfer speed of
approximately 100, 200 and 400 Mbps


that are

described as S100, S200 and S400 respectively.
For i.LINK devices, a maximum data transfer
speed that the device supports is identified on
“Specifications” page of the operating
instructions supplied with the device or near its
i.LINK connector.


When connecting with the device that support
different data transfer speed, the actual data transfer
speed may be different from those described on the
i.LINK connectors.

What is Mbps?
Mega bits per second. A measure of the rate at
which data is transmitted per second. In case of
100 Mbps, 100 Mega bits of data can be
transmitted per second.

i.LINK operation with your camcorder

For details on operation when other equipment
with i.LINK (HDV) connector is connected, see
page 138.
For details on connection with i.LINK cable and
necessary software, refer to the operating
instructions supplied with the connected device.

About the required i.LINK cable

Use the Sony 6-pin-to-4-pin or 4-pin-to-4-pin
i.LINK cable (for HDV dubbing) to connect the
i.LINK devices.

i.LINK and

are trademarks.

About i.LINK

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