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Basic Operation Procedure




Basic recording can be performed with the
following procedures:



Mount a fully charged battery pack.


Load SxS memory card(s).

If you load two cards, recording is continued
by automatically switching to the second
card when the first card becomes full.


Adjust the angle of the LCD monitor for
the best view.

When you wish to use the viewfinder, fold
the LCD monitor to its park position and
adjust the angle of the viewfinder.


Set the power switch to ON.

The camcorder is turned on.

When using the Remote Commander, activate the remote
control mode (page 32).


When you hold the camcorder by the grip,
support it from underneath with your left hand.



Adjust the iris, gain, electric shutter,
and white balance, as required.

See “Adjusting the Iris” on page 50,
“Setting the Gain” on page 47,
“Setting the Electronic Shutter” on page 48
“Adjusting the White Balance” on page 43.


Focus on the subject.


Press the REC START/STOP button on
the handle or the grip.

(If you are using the IR Remote Commander, press
the REC button simultaneously with the unmarked

The front and rear tally lamps light and
recording begins.


To stop recording, press the REC
START/STOP button again.

(If you are using the IR Remote Commander, press
the REC PAUSE button simultaneously with the
unmarked button.)

Recording stops and the camcorder enters
STBY (recording standby) mode.


If you press the REC START/STOP button to
start next recording while previous data writing is
not completed, the message “Cannot Proceed”
may be displayed and recording may not start.

To record external input signals
Changing the “Input Source Select” setting of the
VIDEO SET menu from “Camera” (factory
setting) to “i.LINK” enables recording of an HDV
stream fed via the i.LINK (HDV/DV) connector.

For details, see “Recording External Input Signals”
on page 139.

To prevent a switching error
The REC START/STOP button on the handle is
incorporated with a protective cover. If the REC
START/STOP button on the handle will not be
used, it is recommended to cover the button.

Checking the last recorded clip (Rec


Press the REC REVIEW button.

The Rec Review function (page 60) is
activated, and the last recorded clip is played
back for the specified time on the LCD
monitor/viewfinder screen.
When playback reaches the end of the clip,
the camcorder returns to STBY (recording
standby) mode.

To delete clips
You can delete the last recorded clip by using the
Last Clip DEL function.

See“Deleting the Last Recorded Clip” on page 79.

Use the All Clips DEL function when you wish to
delete all recorded clips from a memory card.


Basic Operation Procedure

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