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Handling SxS Memory Cards







This camcorder records audio and video on SxS
memory cards (optional) inserted in the card slots.

Usable SxS memory cards

Use the following Sony-made SxS memory cards
(SxS PRO or SxS-1) with this camcorder.
Operations are not guaranteed with memory cards
other than SxS PRO and SxS-1.

• SBP-16 (16GB)
• SBP-32 (32GB)

• SBS-32G1A (32GB)
• SBS-64G1A (64GB)

These cards comply with the ExpressCard

• SxS, SxS PRO and SxS-1 are trademarks of Sony


• The ExpressCard word mark and logo are owned by

Personal Computer Memory Card International
Association (PCMCIA) and are licensed to Sony
Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of
their respective owners.

Notes on using SxS memory cards

• Recorded data may be damaged or lost in the

following situations:

—If you remove this media or turn off the

power while formatting, reading or writing

—If you use this media in locations subject to

static electricity or electrical noise.

• Do not use or store this media in the following


—Where recommended operating conditions

are exceeded.

—Inside a closed car in summer; or in strong

sunshine / under direct sunlight / near a
heater, etc.

—Humid or corrosive location

• Verify the correct direction of insertion before


• When storing or carrying this media, put this

media in the carrying case and lock it firmly.

• We recommend that you make a backup copy of

important data. Sony accepts no responsibility
for any damage or loss of data you recorded.

• Do not apply a label sheet in places other than

the label space. When applying the label sheet
to this media, do not allow it to protrude from its
proper location.

• SxS memory cards to be used with this

camcorder must be formatted using the format
function of this camcorder. If a card is formatted
using other device, it is regarded as of a
different format, requiring repeated format
operation on this camcorder.

• Deleting with the function of the camcorder

does not completely delete data on this media.
When transferring or disposing of this media,
use a commercial data deleting software or
destroy the actual body at you own

• If the available recording time on a card is short,

clip operation may be restricted. In such a case,
delete unnecessary files by using a PC.

• Remove or reinsert the case card with the case

opened properly.

For write protection

Setting the write-protect switch of the SxS
memory card to “WP” disables you to record, edit
or delete data.

Handling SxS Memory

About SxS Memory Cards

Label space

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