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Operating Planning Metadata




Planning metadata is information about shooting
and recording plans, recorded in an XML file.
You can shoot using clip names and shot mark
names defined in advance in a planning metadata

Example of a planning metadata file

This camcorder can display clip names and shot
mark names defined in the following languages:
• English
• Chinese
• German
• French
• Italian
• Spanish
• Dutch
• Portuguese
• Swedish
• Norwegian
• Danish
• Finnish


• If you define clip and shot mark names in

languages other than those listed above, they
may not be displayed on the LCD monitor/EVF

• If you define clip and shot mark names in

French, Dutch, or Finnish, some characters are
displayed in a different but similar font.

To record planning metadata together with clips,
it is necessary to load a planning metadata file
into the camcorder’s memory in advance.
There are two ways to load files.
• Load a file (.xml) stored under the directory of

“BPAV/General/Sony/Planning” on an SxS
memory card.

• When a Wi-Fi connection is made between the

camcorder and a computer, operate the Web
menu built into the camcorder from the
computer to transfer a file.

For details on how to use the Web menu to load a
planning metadata file, refer to the Supplement in the
supplied CD-ROM labeled “Manuals for Solid-State
Memory Camcorder”.

Loading planning metadata

Use “Plan.Metadata” of the OTHERS menu and
proceed as follows:

For details on menu operations, see “Basic Menu
Operations” on page 107.


Insert an SxS memory card into
memory card slot A or B.


Select “Load / Slot(A)” or “Load /
Slot(B)” of “Plan.Metadata” of the
OTHERS menu then select “Execute.”

The list of planning metadata files stored on
the card in the selected slot appears.

The file list displays up to 64 files.
Even if the total number of planning
metadata files is 64 or less, all of the planning
metadata files may not appear if the directory
where they are located in the SxS memory
card (General/Sony/Planning) contains 512
or more files.


Select the planning metadata file to

The detailed information in the selected
planning metadata is displayed.


Select “Load.”

The confirmation message “Load Planning
Metadata File?” is displayed.

Operating Planning

Loading a Planning Metadata File


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