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For Your Safety

Do not drop, strike, or shake your

phone severely. Such actions may

harm the internal circuit boards of

the phone.
Do not use your phone in high

explosive areas as the phone may

generate sparks.
Do not damage the power cord by

bending, twisting, pulling, or heating.
Do not use the plug if it is loose as it

may cause a fire or electric shock.
Do not place any heavy items on the

power cord. Do not allow the power

cord to be crimped as it may cause

fire or electric shock.
Do not handle the phone with wet

hands while it is being charged.

It may cause an electric shock or

seriously damage your phone.
Do not disassemble the phone.

Do not place or answer calls while

charging the phone as it may short-

circuit the phone and/or cause

electric shock or fire.

Only use the batteries, antennas,

and chargers provided by LG.

The warranty will not be applied

to products provided by other

Only authorized personnel should

service the phone and its accessories.

Faulty installation or service may

result in accidents and consequently

invalidate the warranty.
Do not hold or let the antenna come

in contact with your body during

a call.
An emergency call can be made

only within a service area. For an

emergency call, make sure that you

are within a service area and that the

phone is turned on.
Use accessories, such as earphones

and headsets, with caution. Ensure

that cables are tucked away safely

and do not touch the antenna