LG TE365 User Manual

Page 13

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Your S




may not cause harmful interference,

and (2) this device and its accessories

must accept any interference received,

including interference that may cause

undesired operation.

Cautions for Battery

Do not disassemble.

Do not short-circuit.

Do not expose to high temperature:

60°C (140°F).
Do not incinerate.

Battery Disposal

Please dispose of your battery

properly or bring to your local

wireless carrier for recycling.
Do not dispose in fire or with

hazardous or flammable materials.

Adapter (Charger) Cautions

Using the wrong battery charger

could damage your phone and void

your warranty.
The adapter or battery charger is

intended for indoor use only.

Do not expose the adapter or battery

charger to direct sunlight or use it in

places with high humidity, such as the


Avoid damage to your hearing

Damage to your hearing can occur

if you are exposed to loud sound for

long periods of time. We therefore

recommend that you do not turn on

or off the handset close to your ear.

We also recommend that music and

call volumes are set to a reasonable

If you are listening to music whilst

out and about, please ensure that

the volume is at a reasonable

level so that you are aware of your

surroundings. This is particularly

imperative when attempting to cross

the street.