In-call menu, During a call – LG TE365 User Manual

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In-Call Menu

Your phone provides a number
of control functions that you can
use during a call. To access these
functions during a call, press the left
soft key [Options].

During a Call

The menu displayed on the handset
screen during a call is different from
the default main menu displayed
when in the idle screen, and these
options are described below.

Making a Second Call

You can select a number you wish
to dial from the Contacts, to make
a second call. Press the Left soft key
then select Contacts. Then, you can
press SEND key to make a second

Swapping Between Two Calls

By using one of three methods, you
can switch between two calls.


Press the

[SEND] key.


Press the left soft key and then

select "Swap".

Answering an Incoming Call

To answer an incoming call when
the handset is ringing, simply
press the

[SEND] key. The

handset is also able to warn you
of an incoming call while you are
already on a call. A tone sounds in
the earpiece, and the display will
show that a second call is waiting.
This feature, known as Call Waiting,
is only available if your network
supports it.
If Call Waiting is turned on, you can
put the first call on hold and answer
the second call by pressing the
[SEND] key.


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