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Rejecting an Incoming Call

You can reject an incoming call
without answering by simply
pressing the

[END] key.

Muting the Microphone

You can mute the microphone
during a call by pressing the right
soft key [Mute]. The handset can be
unmuted by pressing the right soft
key [Unmute]. When the handset is
muted, the caller cannot hear you,
but you can still hear the caller.

Using the Speakerphone

You can use the integrated
Speakerphone during a call
by pressing the OK key. The
loudspeaker is automatically
deactivated when you end the call.


Due to increased

volume levels, do not place the
phone near your ear while the
speakerphone is enabled.

Conference Calls

The conference service provides
you with the ability to have
a simultaneous conversation
with more than one caller. The
conference call feature can be used
only if your network service provider
supports this feature.
A conference call can only be set
up when you have one call active
and one call on hold, meaning both
calls must have been answered.
Once a conference call is set up,
calls may be added, disconnected or
separated (that is, removed from the
conference call but still connected
to you) by the person who set up
the conference call. These options
are all available from the In-Call
The maximum number of callers in a
conference call is five. Once started,
you are in control of the conference
call, and only you can add calls to
the conference call.


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