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LG TE365

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Using the quick settings

Select Options to access the quick
settings options. These include
various options for recording videos.
Camera: Convert from video
camera mode to still camera mode.
Display: Choose Standard or Clean
Resolution: If you want to fit more
videos on your phone you can alter
the pixel number to make the file
size smaller. Choose between two
options for your video, 176x144,
Quality: Super fine/ Fine/ Normal.
Save to: Choose whether to save
your video clip to the phone
memory or to an external memory.
Reset settings: Choose Yes to reset
your phone to the original video
camera settings.

Watching your saved videos


You can access your saved videos

either from within video camera
mode or from the standby screen.
From the viewfinder select

Album. From the standby screen
you should press Menu or ,
then select Media and Videos.


Your gallery will appear on screen.


Use the navigation keys to select

the video you want to view and
press to watch it.

Adjusting the volume when

viewing a video

To adjust the volume of the audio
on a video when it is playing, use
the volume keys on the left side of
the handset. The volume level is
shown below the video, on the left
hand side.