LG TE365 User Manual

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Safety Information

Read these simple guidelines.

Breaking the rules may be dangerous

or illegal. Further detailed information

is given in this user guide.

Never use an unapproved battery

since this could damage the phone

and/or battery and could cause the

battery to explode.
Never place your phone in a

microwave oven as it will cause the

battery to explode.
Do not dispose of your battery by

fire or with hazardous or flammable

Make sure that no sharp-edged

items come into contact with the

battery. There is a risk of this causing

a fire.
Store the battery in a place out of

reach of children.
Be careful that children do not

swallow any parts such as rubber

plugs (earphone, connection parts

of the phone, etc.). This could cause

asphyxiation or suffocation.

Unplug the power cord and charger

during lightning storms to avoid

electric shock or fire.
When riding in a car, do not leave

your phone or set up the hands-free

kit near to the air bag. If wireless

equipment is improperly installed

and the air bag is activated, you may

be seriously injured.
Do not use a hand-held phone while

Do not use the phone in areas where

its use is prohibited. (For example:

Do not expose the battery charger or

adapter to direct sunlight or use it in

places with high humidity, such as a

Never store your phone in

temperatures less than -4°F (-20 °C)

or greater than 122°F (50 °C).
Do not use harsh chemicals (such

as alcohol, benzene, thinners, etc.)

or detergents to clean your phone.

There is a risk of this causing a fire.