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Push message: Change your
service message settings.
Info message: Choose the topics,
reception status, alerts and
language of your info messages.
Save text message: Choose
whether to save your text messages
to the phone memory or to the
external memory.

Listen to voicemail

When you receive a voice mail, your
phone displays the icon and you
hear an alert. Please check with your
network providers for details of their
service in order to configure the
handset correctly.

Info messages

Info service messages are text
messages delivered by the
network to GSM. They provide
general information such as
weather reports, traffic news, taxis,
pharmacies, and stock prices.
Each type of info message has a
number and you can contact the
service provider whenever the
specific number is introduced, then
the information can be received.
When you have received an info
service message, you can see the
popup message to show you that
you have received a message or
the info service message is directly
When you have received an info
service message and select Read
to view the message, it will be
displayed on the screen.