LG TE365 User Manual

Page 19

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y Guidelines

Explosion, Shock, and Fire


Do not put your phone in a place

subject to excessive dust and keep

the minimum required distance

between the power cord and heat

Unplug the power cord prior to

cleaning your phone, and clean the

power plug pin when it is dirty.
When using the power plug, ensure

that it is firmly connected.

If it is not, it may cause excessive

heat or fire.
If you put your phone in a pocket

or bag without covering the

receptacle of the phone (power

plug pin), metallic articles (such as

a coin, paperclip or pen) may short-

circuit the phone. Always cover the

receptacle when not in use.

Do not short-circuit the battery.

Metallic articles such as a coin,

paperclip or pen in your pocket or

bag may short-circuit the + and –

terminals of the battery (metal strips

on the battery) upon moving. Short-

circuit of the terminal may damage

the battery and cause an explosion.

General Notice

Using a damaged battery or placing

a battery in your mouth may cause

serious injury.
Do not place items containing

magnetic components such as a

credit card, phone card, bank book

or subway ticket near your phone.

The magnetism of the phone may

damage the data stored in the

magnetic strip.
Talking on your phone for a long

period of time may reduce call

quality due to heat generated during