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Safety Guidelines



y Guidelines

Safety Information

Please read and observe the following

information for safe and proper use of

your phone and to prevent damage.

Also, keep the user guide in an

accessible place at all the times after

reading it.

Charger and Adapter Safety

The charger and adapter are

intended for indoor use only.

Battery Information and Care

Please dispose of your battery

properly or take it to your local

wireless carrier for recycling.
The battery does not need to be fully

discharged before recharging.
Use only LG-approved chargers

specific to your phone model since

they are designed to maximize

battery life.
Do not disassemble or impact the

battery as it may cause electric

shock, short-circuit, and fire. Store

the battery in a place out of reach of


Keep the battery’s metal contacts

Replace the battery when it

no longer provides acceptable

performance. The battery can be

recharged several hundred times

before replacement.
Recharge the battery after long

periods of non-use to maximize

battery life.
Battery life will vary due to usage

patterns and environmental

Use of extended backlighting, MEdia

Net Browsing, and data connectivity

kits affect battery life and talk/

standby times.
The self-protection function of the

battery cuts the power of the phone

when its operation is in an abnormal

state. In this case, remove the battery

from the phone, reinstall it, and turn

the phone on.
Actual battery life will depend on

network configuration, product

settings, usage patterns, battery and

environmental conditions.