Changing your multimedia message settings, Changing your other settings – LG TE365 User Manual

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Changing your multimedia

message settings

Your TE365 message settings are
pre-defined so that you can send
messages immediately.
If you would like to change the
settings, you can do so using the
Settings options.
Press Menu or

, select

Messages, then choose Settings
and Multimedia message.
You can make changes to:
Slide duration: Choose how long
your slides appear on screen.
Priority: Choose the priority level of
your multimedia message.
Validity period: Choose how
long your message is stored at the
message centre.
Delivery report: Choose to allow
and/or request a delivery report.

Read report: Choose to allow and/
or send a read report.
Auto download: Choose to
automatically or manually
download multimedia messages
depending on whether you are at
home or roaming.
Network profiles: Select an
operator specific network profile for
sending multimedia messages.
Permitted message type: Select
which type of multimedia messages
to allow.

Changing your other


Press Menu or

, select

Messages, choose Settings then:
Voicemail number: Your voicemail
number is stored here. Contact
your network operators for more
information on the service they