LG TE365 User Manual

Page 97

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Menu options available in the

Conversation screen

Back To Contacts: This brings the
screen back to the contacts.
Insert: You can insert Symbol,
Template and Emoticons in the
conversation screen.
Block/Unblock Contact: This allows
or blocks conversation with the
selected Contact.
Save Conversation: Stores the
currently active conversation.
End Conversation: This ends the
active conversation and clears the
conversation buffer.
Settings: Please refer to the
previous Settings Menu.
Text Entry Mode: Sets the text
input mode such as abc, Abc, ABC
and 123.


Maximum number of characters

supported by a message is 800
characters for receiving and 127
characters for sending.

The present information might not

update in real time so the “Refresh
List”/“Refresh Contact” option can
be used for the most up to date

Rogers IM