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LG TE365

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Colour effect: Choose from

four colour tone options: Off
(normal/colour), Sepia, Mono (black
and white) or Negative.

EV: Turn macro mode on if you

are taking a picture very close to the
image subject.

After you’ve taken your photo

Your captured photo will appear
on the screen. The name of the
image runs along the bottom of the
screen and you will see six options
displayed on the left side of the
OK: Select to take another photo
straight away. Your current photo
will be saved.

New image: Take another

photo straightaway. Your current
photo will be saved.

Set as: Select to open a

sub menu to set your image as

Wallpaper or Picture ID.

Send via: Select to send the

photo as a Multimedia message,

Email or Bluetooth. See page 56 for

Sending a message.

Album: Select to look at the

other photos in your album. Your
current photo will be saved. See
page 70 for Viewing your saved

Delete: Delete the photo you have
just taken and confirm by selecting

Yes. The viewfinder will reappear.

Using the quick settings

Select Options to access the quick
settings options. These include
various options for taking photos.