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LG TE365

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Auto Sign In: You may set the
automatic IM Login process by
choosing between the ’When power
on’ or ’When IM start’ options.
Network: You may check your IM
Network Profiles or Server Address

IM Information

This indicates the Instant Messages
Client Information such as Client
Name and Version Number.

Online Menu / 1 to 1


After a successful Login, a list of
contacts with Screen Names will be
appeared on screen. Depending on
the cursor location in the contacts,
the following menu options will be

When cursor is located on a

Conversations List

Note: The Conversations List
contains both the active contact
where a conversation has taken
place as well as an unknown
When you select on the
Conversation List, it offers the ability
to view or hide conversations.
Send Message to...: This offers
the ability to send a message
to an unknown contact. When
selected, a User ID must be typed
in prior to starting an IM session or
Saved Conversations: You
may view or delete the stored
conversation session.

Rogers IM

Rogers IM