LG TE365 User Manual

Page 85

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Time format: You can set the time
format to either 24 hours or 12
Auto update: Select On, the phone
will automatically update the date
and time.

Changing the language

Select Languages to change the
language for any text in your phone.
Any change will also alter the
language input mode.

Changing your display settings


Press Menu or and select



Select Display and choose from:

Wallpaper: Choose a wallpaper to
appear on your screen display.
Clocks: Choose to have the time
and date visible on your standby
screen. Choose from No date &

time or Normal.

Backlight timer: Choose how long
the backlight remains on.


The longer the backlight

is on, the more battery power
is used, and you may need to
charge your phone more often.

Brightness: Use the navigation keys
to adjust the brightness. Choose
from 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%, then
select OK to save your change.
Shortcut: Allows you to set
navigation keys as you like.
Home screen shortcut: Select On
to display the shortcuts of 4 menus
as pictures on the middle of the
standby screen.
Font size: Change the font size of
the following: Menu, Dialing and