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Safety Guidelines



y Guidelines

When the phone is not used for

a long period time, store it in a

safe place with the power cord

Using the phone in proximity to

receiving equipment (i.e., TV or radio)

may cause interference to the phone.
Do not use the phone if the antenna

is damaged. If a damaged antenna

contacts skin, it may cause a

slight burn. Please contact an LG

Authorized Service Centre to replace

the damaged antenna.
Do not immerse your phone in

water. If this happens, turn it off

immediately and remove the battery.

If the phone does not work, take it to

an LG Authorized Service Centre.
Do not paint your phone.

The data saved in your phone might

be deleted due to careless use,

repair of the phone, or upgrade

of the software. Please backup

your important phone numbers.

(Ring tones, text messages, voice

messages, pictures, and videos could

also be deleted.) The manufacturer

is not liable for damage due to the

loss of data.
When you use the phone in public

places, set the ring tone to vibration

so as not to disturb others.
Do not turn your phone on or off

when putting it in your ear.