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LG TE365

| User Guide



Theme: Quickly change the whole
look of your screen.
Menu style: Change the menu view
from Grid view to List view.
Main font style: Adjust the font
Dialing font style: Adjust the font
style for when you are Dialing a
phone number.
Standby text: Choose to add a
message to your standby screen.

Changing your connectivity


Your connectivity settings have
already been set up by your
network operator, so you can start
your new phone from the off. If you
want to change any settings, use
this menu.

Press Menu or and select

Connectivity. Your options are:
Bluetooth: Set up your TE365 for
Bluetooth use. You can adapt your
visibility to other devices or search
through devices your phone is
paired with.
Network: Your TE365 connects
automatically to your preferred
network. To change these settings
use this menu. You can also add
new access points using this menu.
USB connection: Choose Data

service and synchronise your TE365
using the LG PC Suite software to
copy files from your phone. If you
have a memory card inserted, select

Mass storage to use your phone
in the same way as you would
use a USB stick. Connect to your
computer and drag and drop files to
the TE365 removable device folder.