LG TE365 User Manual

Page 15

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y Guidelines

Phone Operation

NORMAL POSITION: Hold the phone as

you would any other telephone with

the antenna pointed up and over your


Tips on Efficient Operation

For your phone to operate most


Do not touch the antenna

unnecessarily when the phone is in

use. Contact with the antenna affects

call quality and may cause the phone

to operate at a higher power level

than otherwise needed.


Check the laws and regulations on the

use of wireless phones in the areas

where you drive. Always obey them.

Also, if using your phone while driving,


Give full attention to driving - driving

safely is your first responsibility;
Use hands-free operation, if available;

Pull off the road and park before

making or answering a call if driving

conditions so require.

Electronic Devices

Most modern electronic equipment is

shielded from RF signals.

However, certain electronic equipment

may not be shielded against the RF

signals from your wireless phone.


The Health Industry Manufacturers

Association recommends that a

minimum separation of six (6’) inches

be maintained between a handheld

wireless phone and a pacemaker to

avoid potential interference with the


These recommendations are

consistent with the independent

research by and recommendations of

Wireless Technology Research. Persons

with pacemakers:

Should ALWAYS keep the phone

more than six inches from their

pacemaker when the phone is

turned ON;
Should not carry the phone in a

breast pocket.