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Using flight mode

Use this function to switch the
flight mode On or Off. You will not
be able to make calls, connect to
the internet, send messages when

Flight mode is switched On.

Using power save

Choose to switch the power saving
settings Always on, Night only and

Resetting your phone

Use Reset in Phone settings to
reset all the settings to the factory
definitions. You need the security
code to activate this function.

Viewing memory status

Your TE365 has three memories
available: the phone, the SIM card
and an external memory card (you
may need to purchase the memory
card separately).
You can use the memory manager
to determine how each memory is
used and see how much space is
Press Menu or and select

Settings. Choose Memory status
and you will then see the current
status of the memories (Common,
Reserved, SIM card and External
memory) in your TE365.


See page 37 for information

on inserting a memory card.