LG TE365 User Manual

Page 91

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When you want to then access a

file, for example an image, press

Menu or , then select Media
followed by External memory
then Images. All the images you
transfer will be contained in this

Transferring a file to your phone

You can also transfer files from your
computer to your phone using


Make sure your phone and

computer have Bluetooth
switched on and are visible to one
to another.


Use your computer to send the

file via Bluetooth.


When the file is sent you will have

to accept it on your phone by
selecting Yes.


The file will be saved within the

appropriate folder depending on
type. For example, photographs
will be saved in the Images folder
and music in the Sounds folder.
If your phone cannot identify the
file type, the file will be saved in
the Others folder.

Note: Files sent using Bluetooth will
be saved to the phone memory.

Sending and receiving your files

using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a great way to send and
receive files as no wires are needed
and connection is quick and easy.
You can also connect to a Bluetooth
headset to dial and receive calls.
Before you start sharing files using
Bluetooth, you will need to pair
your phone with another Bluetooth
device. For information on pairing
devices, see Pairing with another

Bluetooth device on page 85.