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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

This chapter lists some problems that you might encounter while using
your phone. Some problems require that you call your service provider, but
most of problems you encounter are easy to correct yourself.


Possible causes

Possible Corrective measures

SIM error

There is no SIM card in the
phone or you may have
inserted it incorrectly.

Make sure that the SIM card is
correctly inserted.

No connection
to the network

Signal weak
Outside GSM network

Move higher to a window or open
space. Check service provider
coverage map.

Codes do not

When you want to change
a security code you have to
confirm the new code by
entering it again. The two
codes that you have entered
do not match.

Contact your Service Provider.

cannot be set

Not supported by Service
Provider or registration

Contact your Service Provider.

Calls not

Dialling error
New SIM card inserted
Charge limit reached

New network not authorised. Check
for new restrictions. Contact Service
Provider or reset limit with PIN 2.