Entering text, Text input mode using the keypad, Message folders – LG TE365 User Manual

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Entering text

You can enter alphanumeric
characters using the phone’s
keypad. For example, storing names
in Contacts, writing a message and
creating scheduling events in the
calendar all require entering text.
The following text input methods
are available in the phone: ABC
manual mode and 123 mode.
Note: Some fields may allow only
one text input mode (e.g. telephone
number in address book fields).
To input a symbol in the text entry
field, press the key and select a
symbol, then select OK.
Scroll using the navigation keys to
show more symbol options.
Complete each word with a space
by pressing


To delete a character, press key.

Text input mode using the


When you are required to enter
text, for example when writing a
message, the keypad will default
to Abc mode. If you are entering a
number, for example when making
call, the keypad number keys will
default to numbers.
In ABC mode you can enter
numbers by first pressing


then the number you require.

Message folders

Press Menu or

, select

Messages. The folder structure
used on your TE365 is fairly self-
Inbox: All the messages you receive
are placed into your Inbox. From
here you can reply, forward and
more, see below for details.