Rogers im – LG TE365 User Manual

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Rogers IM

Rogers IM

The Instant Messages feature can
only be used with the support
of the network operator or
communities such as Windows Live
and Yahoo! Messenger. For Instant
Messages users, a valid User ID and
Password will be required in order
to login and exchange messages as
well as checking the online status.
The menu items below might not
appear since not all IM communities
support the various options. Also
the menu strings may appear
differently based on the selected IM
communities. The keywords such as
User ID, Login and Contact will be
used as general terms in IM menus
according to the currently selected
communities such as Windows Live
and Yahoo! Messenger.

Offline Menu

Sign in

This allows users to login by filling in
the User ID and Password.
Note: Once the User ID and
Password are saved, you will not
be required to type them in again
during Login process. This feature is
an optional.

Saved Conversations

This is where a user can view saved
Change Provider: You can change
the provider.


Set Sound: Allows you to set on/off
an alert for the Contact when they
have an activity on their session.
Default Provider: Allows you to set
the default IM community to login.