Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 10

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4. Adjust the volume using the Microphone Volume Adjustment Bar.

5. Click [Record] to record your video. Notice the button turns into
[Stop]. Click the Stop button any time to end recording.
6. After the recording stops, the following buttons will appear on the bottom of
the screen:

[Remove Audio] - Remove sound from your video.

[Save Frame] - Save the current frame as a picture file.

[Trim Video] - Trim the video to the selected size and length.

[Play] - Play the video.

[Rerecord Video] - Rerecord the video if you are not satisfied with the

one you just recorded.
NOTE: Video Mail does not allow you to remove audio, save frame, or trim


7. If recording a Standard Video, click to save your video.

8. If recording a Video Mail, click to email your video. Type in the

requested information. The default name given to the video is
MyVideo.wmv. To rename the video before sending, click on the words

“MyVideo.wmv” in the attachment text box and click [Rename]. Click

to send your video. You can also save the file and send it later.

Drag to select starting/ending point of video