Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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Configuring Your E-mail Program to Send Files

In order to send your files directly from the Veo Digital Studio, you must
change your default mail agent, otherwise known as Messaging Application
Program Interface (MAPI)
. For E-mail programs that do not support MAPI
(i.e. AOL, web-based E-mail programs), you need to attach the files manually.
For further assistance on how to attach files to your E-mail, contact your E-
mail or web-based E-mail provider.

Using MAPI with Microsoft Outlook Express 5/6
1. Start Microsoft Outlook.
2. Go to Tools > Options.
3. Click Make Default under Default Messaging Programs - This application
is NOT the default Mail handler.
4. Restart your computer.

Using MAPI with Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook automatically sets up your MAPI E-mail program during
installation. Make sure your Microsoft Outlook E-mail application is properly
set up with the right POP account name, password, SMTP mail host account,
and other requirements
. For further assistance, contact your Internet Service
Provider (ISP) or systems administrator.

Using America Online or Web-based E-mail Programs to Send Files
AOL does not support MAPI functions. If you click on the Send button, it will
not work. To send E-mail your files, follow the steps below:
1. Start America Online or log in to your web-based e-mail.
2. Compose a new e-mail message.