Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 49

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Nothing happens after I click the Send button or the program

locks up.
Solution: You need to configure your email program to be the default MAPI
client correctly. You can also manually attach your files to your
e-mail. Please refer to “Configuring Your E-mail Program to Send Files” on
page 29 for more information.


“No e-mail agent found on this PC. Do you want to continue with

video mail disabled?” message.
Solution: You will get this message if the e-mail application you are using
does not support MAPI functions such as America Online, CompuServe,
Prodigy, Yahoo Mail, and other web-based email service. Programs such as
Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, and Eudora support MAPI. However, your
mail server needs to be able to use these programs. Contact your Internet
Service Provider for assistance on configuring your outgoing mail server. AOL
does not let you use third party e-mail programs. If you want to send the V-
Mail that you recorded, you need to save it first. Then, open your e-mail appli-
cation and attach the V-Mail.


Audio doesn’t work

Solution: - Click [Settings] to change the settings of your audio. In
order to use the built-in microphone for Veo Advanced Connect, select USB
Audio Device
from the Audio Source pull-down menu.

If you are using an external microphone, make sure your microphone is
plugged into your sound card correctly. The microphone jack on your sound
card is usually labeled MIC or with a microphone symbol. Also try plugging the
microphone into other jacks. Make sure it is not plugged into the speaker