Viewing pictures in the gallery – Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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Viewing Pictures in the Gallery

1. Click the View Gallery button. The Gallery Display Panel opens up.
2. Select a folder to view its content. The following are buttons and folders
used in the Gallery Display Panel along with their description:

[Min/Max Gallery] - Toggle button used to minimize or maximize the

Gallery Display Panel.

[Thumbnail Size] - To change the size of the thumbnails displayed in

the gallery.

[Sort By] - To sort the thumbnails by type, time, or name. You can also

use this to search for a file in the Digital Studio Gallery. When you are done
searching, all the matched files will be stored in the Search Results folder.


Animations - Contains animated character files.

Photographs - Contains still pictures.

Graphics - Contains background graphics.

Videos - Contains video files.

Music - Contains audio clips.

Projects - Contains all your previously saved projects.

To display the details of a specific file, click [Properties].

NOTE: To delete a file, click on the file and click [Delete]. Do NOT drag it

into the