Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

Page 46

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“Digital Video PC Camera is not connected to this computer”

Solution: The camera may not be plugged into the computer or may have a
driver conflict. Make sure the camera is snugly plugged into the USB slot on
your computer, then try the camera software again. If this doesn’t help, click
on Start > Settings > Control Panel > System >Device Manager and check
to see if you have a Universal Serial Bus Controller category. Under this cate-
gory should have a USB Host Controller and a USB Root Hub. If you do not
have this category, please contact your computer manufacturer for assistance
on enabling your USB ports.

If you do have this category, check for another category in the Device Man-
ager named Imaging Device. Under this category should be the Veo PC Cam-

If the Veo PC Camera has a yellow “


” or red “


next to it, this means it may

have a problem with the software driver. Double-click on the Veo PC Camera
with the yellow “


” or red “


” to check the Device Status.

If the camera has a yellow exclamation mark in the Device Manager with the
message: “NTKERN.VXD device loader could not load the device driver
(Code 2)” please follow either section A (if using Windows 98/98SE) or sec-
tion B (if using Windows Me):

A. Windows 98/98SE:
1) Remove the Veo PC Camera from the Device Manager. (Start > Settings
>Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Imaging Device)
2) Unplug the Veo camera from the computer.