Software and installation – Xirlink Veo Connect/Advanced Connect User Manual

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Software and Installation

Install the software before connecting your Veo camera!

If you have already plugged the camera into the computer, please unplug it
before installing the software.

1. Insert the Installation CD into your CD-ROM


2. Autorun will display the Installation screen

corresponding to your camera model. Click

3. On the Install window, de-select any addi-

tional software you do not wish to install.
Click OK.

4. Follow the prompts to finish the installation.

Restart your computer to complete the


5. After your computer restarts, you may plug

your camera into the USB port.

NOTE: If Autorun does not start, choose Run from the Windows Start Menu.

Assuming your CD-ROM drive is the D drive, type “d:\Autorun” in the
Run dialog box. If Autorun still does not run, consult your computer
manual or manufacturer to locate the CD-ROM drive.